Kids Uveitis Research and Education

What is K.U.R.E.?

In the Spring of 2005 ten year old Sarah Hill asked her doctor where to find the other children with her disease diagnosis.  She wanted to know where they were, how they were, and what their future health would likely be.  Her doctor explained that he could not provide those answers to her at the time, the information the child wanted was not available.

So, Sarah and her doctors, Dr. Jennifer Thorne joined Dr. Douglas Jabs, began the journey of raising awareness for the disease through education, research, and fundraising.

About Sarah

Sarah was first diagnosed JIA when I was 18 months old and Uveitis around the age of four.┬áSince then, she has been forced to navigate complex and burdensome symptoms, medications, treatments, and surgeries. However, her journey through medicine has extended into her own personal and professional aspirations. Over the past several years, Sarah has championed every obstacle thrown in front of her to achieve amazing success. Graduating Cum Laude from Johns Hopkins University, Sarah published numerous papers as a undergrad, several of which as the first author. She was also on of a select group students to receive the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; money to be put towards her own independent research project. After spending several years working as the program coordinator at the Harriet Lane Clinic in Baltimore City, Sarah now attends John’s Hopkins University Medical School.