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Your donations have allowed for an incredible amount of research. Here is some of the incredible research that has been realized.

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Speakerships and Meetings

2006           Planning Committee:  PEDIG JIA Cohort Study, Atlanta, GA

2007           Invited Speaker:  Arthritis Foundation:  Ocular complications of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Baltimore, MD

2008           Invited Speaker:  23rd Biennial Walter Reed Ophthalmology Postgraduate Course and Alumni

Meeting:  Update on Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Uveitis.  Bethesda, MD

2009             Invited Speaker:  Anterior Segment Intraocular Inflammation Symposium for the

International Ocular Inflammation Society (IOIS):  Clinical features and patterns of juvenile idiopathic arthritis-related uveitis. IOIS International Congress, Prague, Czech Republic

2009           Invited Speaker:  Pan American Association of Ophthalmology:  Update on Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Related Uveitis. AAO, San Francisco, CA

2011           Executive Committee/Planning Committee; JIA Panel on establishing consensus outcome measures for treatment meeting, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

2011           Visiting Professor:  Visual outcomes in JIA-related uveitis.  The Proctor Foundation, University of California, San Francisco, CA

2012           Executive Committee; JIA Panel on Establishing Consensus Outcome Measures for Treatment: 2nd annual meeting; UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

2012           Invited Speaker: Update on JIA-Related Uveitis: the JHMI Experience.  Servier Headquarters and Pitie Salpaterie, Paris, France.

2012           Visiting Professor:  Update on JIA-Related Uveitis: the JHMI Experience. University of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky

2012           Invited Speaker, Outcomes in Pediatric Uveitis. International Uveitis Study Group Meeting; October; Greece

2013           Invited Speaker, Measuring endpoints in uveitis in children with JIA. ISOPT, March, Paris, France

2014           Invited Speaker, Update on JIA-related uveitis.  International Ocular Inflammation Society, February, Valencia, Spain

2014           Visiting Professor, Visual and treatment outcomes in JIA uveitis.  Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel, June 2014

2014           Invited Speaker, Update on JHMI Research in JIA-related Uveitis. Uveitis Forum sponsored by the Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan, December, Taipei, Taiwan

2015           Invited Speaker, Defining clinical outcomes for JIA-related uveitis. International Ocular Inflammation Society, September, San Francisco, CA

2017           Invited Speak, Recent advances in JIA-related uveitis.  Pan-American Ophthalmologic Organization’s Annual Meeting, August, Lima, Peru

Students/Fellows/Residents Supported

2006                 Fasika Woreta, MSIII-IV – Project:  Ocular Complications and Visual Acuity Loss in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis           

2009                 Anthony Gregory, MSIV.  Outcomes of JIA-related uveitis in SITE

2010                 Fasika Woreta, MD, MPH.  Development of cataract in JIA-related chronic uveitis

2013                 Rowayda Amin, MD.  Treatment outcomes in JIA uveitis.

2014                 Reza Moradi, MD and Rowayda Amin, MD. Gender and JIA uveitis outcomes.

2014                 Inna Grishkan, MS IV.  Outcomes of ocular hypertension and glaucoma in JIA uveitis. 

2015                 Reza Moradi, MD.  Hypotony in patients with JIA uveitis:  visual outcomes.

2016                 Antonia Nwankwo-Marshall, MS!! and Meghan Berkenstock, MD.  Evidence-based review of genetic and epigenetic risk factors in JIA and JIA-associated uveitis.